Tony Volker is a South London songwriter whose music is an unique blend of indie-folk, trip-hop and electronica. Volker's songs are produced using a mix of classic audio recording and subtle, sparse electronics. Volker delivers vivid imagery courtesy of both experimental, textured sounds and symbolic lyrics delivered with emotion and character.


His latest release, Where the Light Gets In, described by Higher Plain Music as "kaleidoscope" and "unique and engaging" draws on Indian ragas, psychedelia, folk, hip hop, pop, grunge and indie to create a textured listening experience. Lyrically the album attempts to offer a positive and optimistic perspective on contemporary anxieties and traumas on both a personal and social level.  Tony has had a busy 2020 so far with several shows in London including a set on Killing Moon's 'New Moons' event and a release planned for later in the year